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Tempting Games 2 (NEW SENSATIONS)

Tempting Games 2 (NEW SENSATIONS)

Mamen and Nico, the couple of “New Experiences” continue with their lives. Although Mamen does not want to experiment again in the sexual field, and prefers not to feel the vertigo of another guy in her bed, Nico, on the other hand, cannot stop thinking about it and will not give up until he succeeds. The couple will be drawn into a whirlwind of sensations and new sensations that will be imposed in a way, not always clear. Jealousy, suffering, mistrust and misunderstandings will arise in the couple, causing nothing to be the same again, affecting each and every one of the characters that are happening in the pages of the novel.
Nothing is ever the same again...
An erotic story continuation of "New experiences", by the same author.

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